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Focused Investigator Training Program

The Lighter Side of FIT 2013

Team Welage/Fagan by Susan Fagan
Stacy studies hemorrhage and wants to treat a stroke
Dhara wants to understand the risk when folks are broke!
Matt is caught in TBI, a really awful mess!
and Ron is treating seizures by inducing them, I guess.
We've moved from drafts of projects to something crystal clear,
We've gone from total chaos to an atmosphere of fear!
Our long term goals are broader and our aims are focused now
We moved from just the writing to the when, the what, the how.
From animals to humans, from database to cell
Writing grants is oftentimes a leisurely stroll through hell!
Many drafts did bite the dust, many aims have died.
Many concepts were shot down but no one really cried!
With a little bit of humor and a lot of food and wine
A week at FIT can change your goals, and hopefully, your mind.
We are all in this together and with collective wisdom see,
a profession with a rosy future with the funding "powers that be".

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